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I was never into larger women. I've always seeked that skinny woman. After a while, I gave in and tried the site and met up with a lovely girl called Alice, she said she had a few problem meeting guys, then I turned up and saved the day. She wasn't that good looking but I'm not one to judge. After a couple of drinks we headed back to mine, and I can't tell you how mind blown I was. Let's just say it was a little more than Netflix and chill...

Dating Larger Women? Nothing Wrong With That.

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I've now had a handful of cuddly dates, they've been great. I must admit that I am starting to prefer larger women, they're full of life! There is something a little bit more enticing about a larger woman, I gotta say. If you are up for meeting a couple of the women on here, you may want to keep some whipped cream at hand? There's nothing wrong with that, they love it! I can't start to explain how much I've enjoyed being in company with these larger women, I've not had this much fun in a while. They say it's the motion in the ocean, well these women know how to keep the loving afloat. I'm sure you have met plenty of women that are shy to in front of you? the timid type, the one that treads too carefully when she is around you? you can forget all that here, these women do not mess around with most things, they love having fun and being direct about it.

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I have been dating more and more bigger women lately, I am really starting to get a taste of what I have been missing out on in the past few years, my friends have been badgering me to join the site for a while and i've completely ignored them, what a big mistake that turned out to be. So don't beat around the bush, if you have read this far down on the page, then you should stop reading and sign up, search your postcode now!